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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Marga Cacho, member of Regnum Christi, brought many souls closer to Christ with her smile, enthusiasm and charity.
An Unforgettable Experience
The fulfillment I felt cannot be replaced by any material possession or anything else for that matter.
2.  Sebastian Hazelton
If the Lord Wills It
My advice to anyone seeking to follow Christ is to do it with a radical conversion and really demand the best from yourself, you would be surprised at how much you can ...
3.  This year is a "thank you" to our Lord for the innumerable graces he has showered on me.
Looking at Eternity
I believe that it is extremely important to make use of each moment of our lives to dedicate ourselves to the things that transcend, that are eternal, God´s things.
4.  John Massick
Dancing in the Endzone
Through the movement I have embraced a spirituality that has led me to a deeper relationship with Christ and a more effective way to life out my baptismal promises.
5.  Dima Chebib fulfilling one of her dreams: meeting John Paul II
Regnum Christi Helped Wake Me Up
Our Lord gave me the grace to meet the Holy Father and to talk with him. I had prayed to God for this grace and as our Lord taught us: "Ask and you shall receive..." ...
6.  Liz Adams in her United States Naval Academy uniform
"God Gave Me An Unimaginable Gift"
As is true for each of us, mine is a story of God´s plan as it has been revealed to me along the path, each day filled with the gifts He has desired to give me.
7.  Heidi Stec
"God is a very wise God"
A year of my life? I couldn’t possibly! I have so many other things that I could do…but they would have to wait.
8.  Paul Ponce
Always be Faithful, Always Love
I realized that God was calling me to do something for Him and His Church. I was eager to grow in my faith, so, I put everything aside and for a year I gave my life to Christ as a Co-worker.
9.  They have the personal relationship with Christ that animates their work. And above all this, they have apostolic zeal – a desire to share Christ with others.
Everest Peak – Easter in the Missions
I am impressed by the formation of the young men. They have all the elements of the integral formation that we espouse at Everest. They are intellectually prepared and ...
10.  Melissa Laurel, on the left, learned that God is never outdone in generosity.
I Learned Never To Set Limits On God
From my very first evangelization mission until today, the whole of my almost three years as a co-worker have been a great gift from God. He gives me more than I can give him.
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