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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Commentary on life, culture, and religion, with Hans Urs von Balthasar as a guide.
Reaching Out to the Secular World
ItalyMass MediaNews
New blog offers commentary on modern culture in the spirit of theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar.
2.  The Catholic Spiritual Direction blog serves people from over 8,500 cities spanning the globe.
A Place to Find Answers
InternationalMass MediaNews
Catholic Spiritual Direction blog gives readers a chance to ask questions and interact with priest and lay bloggers.
3.  The Upriest apostolate is aimed at reaching the youth in creative, new ways.
Wanted: Creative Video Editors with a Love for Vocations
InternationalMass MediaNews
Regnum Christi lay member creates UPriest channel on YouTube to promote vocations.
4.  Two titles are now available on Kindle, with more releases planned.
Circle Press Offers Books on Kindle
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Two books now available in ebook format, with more upcoming releases planned.
5.  The Regnum Christi Live blogspot can also be accessed through the RC home page through this logo.
Introducing “Regnum Christi Live”
InternationalMass MediaNews
Your comments are welcome on a blog designed to foster dialogue among Regnum Christi members and friends.
6.  <i>The Better Part</i>, by Father John Bartunek, LC
A Gift for Priests at the Close of the Year for Priests
InternationalMass MediaNews
Special sale on The Better Part: buy two for the price of one!
7. Launches Catholic Bible Search Engine
InternationalMass MediaNews
Tool allows users to perform keyword searches in English and Spanish
8.  An Ancora member reads at Mass during a Holy Week convention.
Ancora Launches New Web Site
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
International girls’ club provides a concrete way to support the Pope and pray for vocations.
9.  Mother Teresa with one of Donna-Marie's children.
From Calcutta, with Love
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
The story of an American mother’s ten-year friendship with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
10.  The five-member band of Legionary brothers behind the song "The Way."
Music Video “The Way” Goes Viral
InternationalMass MediaNews
Vocational initiative strikes a chord on the Internet.
Mostrando del 31 al 40 de 113
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