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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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A Different Kind of Day with Dad
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Dads and kids share mission experiences together
Men of Virtue
U. S. A.MissionsNews
High school and college students spend a Saturday building a Habitat for Humanity Home in Flint, Michigan
3.  Pinecrest student Paloma Carroll with her new friends
Leaving Comfort Behind
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Atlanta missionaries share experiences serving the poor in the Philippines
Missions around the US
U. S. A.MissionsNews
In 11 cities, Mission Youth missionaries serve those in need and witness to their love for Jesus Christ
5.  Fathers and sons from Holy Redeemer parish arrive in El Salvador
What a Blessing from God!
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Holy Redeemer students and fathers bring spiritual and material gifts to village in El Salvador
6.  Rebecca Olek shares in the struggle of life in Haiti
Sharing Joy
Rebecca Olek “blogs” about her experiences during her mission trip to Haiti
7.  Br Luke Rawicki, LC, talks with a family during the Door to Door mission.
Sharing Their Joy:
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Brothers visit nearly 1,000 homes in Connecticut mission
8.  One of the medical missionaries with a group of children in Ghana.
Bearers of Hope and Healing
A nurse shares her experience of working with the poorest of the poor on Helping Hands Medical Missions.
9.  Fr Dominic Pham, LC, gives a gesture of tenderness to a little girl sick with meningitis in the Manilia slums.
Missions in the Philippines
Three groups of missionary youth witness God at work among the Filipino people.
10.  Missionaries in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City during the "sending out" Mass at the start of missions.
Around the World in 8 Days
Holy Week missionaries share their faith to the far ends of the earth.
Mostrando del 1 al 10 de 77
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