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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Children and missionaries together enjoy a game in the school patio.
Mission Trip Is “Life-Changing” Experience
Clear Water students visit inner-city and orphanages in Santiago, Chile
2.  Kansas missionaries help run a kids' activity during the missions.
A Mission Tradition Has Begun
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Small town Kansas girls meet uptown Atlanta girls for a Holy Week to remember
3.  Hard at work on the elementary school in El Puentecito.
Malinalco Missions… Live!
YouTube video captures colorful footage from an annual international mission in Mexico.
4.  Mission Youth volunteers appear on CBS 2 News.
Manhattan Missionaries on CBS 2 News
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Mission Youth volunteers hit the streets of New York to share the meaning of Easter, as shown in CBS 2 video.
Phoenix Missionaries Set Out to Serve
U. S. A.MissionsNews
82 Mission Youth volunteers evangelize and serve the poor during Holy Week.
6.  "In all, through the course of the week, we estimate we greeted 40,000 people from virtually all over the world as well as the parish, found 4,000 Catholics among them who were invited to services, and helped the Holy Spirit bring 400 to 600 of them to the sacrament of reconciliation."
Miracles in Real Time
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Mission Youth volunteers kept a play-by-play blog of their mission on the streets of New York.
7.  Giving the touch of love at the Missionaries of Charity's Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince.
The Beatitudes Come to Life
Regnum Christi consecrated woman Paola Treviño on the Mission Youth Trip to Haiti
8.  Mission Youth missionaries with some of the Haitian children in Port-au-Prince.
Mission Youth Returns to Haiti
After successful missionary trip in 2010, 17 young people return to aid the suffering.
9.  The HHMM Impact Statement can be viewed at the link below.
Medical Missions: Fighting the Good Fight
Helping Hands Medical Missions publishes Impact Statement for 2010, prepares for upcoming missions.
10.  A missionary during his work at an orphanage.
Missions in India
Italian Mission Youth volunteers help serve the poorest of the poor, support the work of the Church in India.
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