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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Missionaries with children from the town.
New Clothes for Ana
Missionaries bring more than material goods to children in need.
2.  Coloring with the children always brings them joy.
Sofia’s Smile
Missionaries see God’s face in Cancun center for handicapped children.
3.  Missionaries with Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, LC, of the Cancun-Chetumal Prelature.
Husbands and Wives
Missionaries discover what makes a family.
4.  Missionaries Mariah Wondersee and Paty Abreu with children from the village.
Death Comes for the Prince
Lessons learned from my month with the Mayans of Mexico
5.  Ten-year-old Luke Luttinen walks alongside seventeen-year-old Kyle DiSalle during missions.
Detroit-area Missionaries Spread Christ’s Love in Pontiac, Michigan
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Regnum Christi families brave heat, barking dogs to invite residents to Mass at local parish
6.  The missionaries stand in the cistern they dug for the local parish.
Six Men, Three Tarantulas, One Mission
Mission trip to Nuevo Durango puts young men to work for the local parish.
7.  Mary Maher with a child from Nuevo Durango.
Missionaries to Mexico Have a “Transforming” Experience
Students and consecrated women work in Mayan village on Yucatan Peninsula.
8.  Two of the orphans at the Kay Mari Manman Tout Timoun orphanage.
Finding the Face of God in Haiti
Paola Treviño, Mission Youth National Director, reports back from her first mission trip to Haiti.
9.  Missionaries hit the streets every day to invite people to the Sacred Triduum liturgies at Old St Patrick's Cathedral.
On the Streets of SoHo
U. S. A.MissionsNews
Manhattan Missions 2010 give the youth a taste of service.
10.  A moment during one of the processions in Malinalco.
Malinalco Missions 2010
Combined group of Mexican and American families share a Holy Week of committed service.
Mostrando del 21 al 30 de 77
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