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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  «May we ask God to strengthen the Pope and his aides and open the hearts of men to the message of peace that Christ brought to us.»
Legionaries and Regnum Christi Members Offer Prayers for Disaster Victims
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
Click on links to ask for prayers or offer spiritual bouquets.
The Multiplication of the Relief Dollars
U. S. A.Christian CharityNews
The smiling faces of these poor but grateful people do have a price… The heartfelt generosity of you, their benefactors.
3.  Children in Payagala (Sri Lanka)
A Fishing Boat for Tsunami Victims
SpainChristian CharityNews
The project is based in Payagala, a small city of 25,000 inhabitants that was devastated by the tsunami. The town relies on fishing as its main source of livelihood.
"Villaggio dei Ragazzi – Don Salvartore D´Angelo" Foundation
ItalyChristian Charity
A summary of four years of management of the "Villaggio dei Ragazzi" Foundation, located in Maddaloni (Italy).
Inauguration of a Development Center for Indigenous Women
MexicoChristian Charity
Centers that promote projects to support the most needy members of society.
6.  Many of the children had a dream come true thanks to these volunteers.
A Dream Come True
Christian Charity
University students from Rome (Italy) organize a day of fun for orphans and children in need.
7.  Tsunami Relief Fund
How can I help the tsunami survivors?
U. S. A.Christian Charity
Providing Refuges for Brazil´s Street Children
Christian Charity
Catholic World Mission, a Connecticut-based charity, plans to found a Communidade Mão Amiga (Helping Hand Community) in six of Brazil´s largest cities.
9.  Dr. Brezinski helping a patient with his medical skill and his Catholic faith.
Helping Hands Medical Missions
Christian Charity
Helping Hands Medical Missions is a nonprofit organization providing humanitarian aid in rural areas of developing countries. It offers its volunteers a transforming ...
Catholic World Mission
Christian Charity
Catholic World Mission exists to bring education and the message of Christ to neighbors throughout the world. We bring faith, education and opportunity to people in the mission areas.
Mostrando del 41 al 50 de 88
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