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4500 teens celebrate at Abbey Youth Fest in the diocese of New Orleans (Article)
Spiritual-Espresso: A Broadway Premier (Article)
The Limit of Evil (Article)
Reflections on the mission of the lay members of Regnum Christi (Article)

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Thrown Away
Christian Charity
Five little girls - all sick, all starving - abandoned in the care of a 5-year old on the streets of Brazil.
The New Home for the Elderly
Christian Charity
Bishop Bernal opens "Oasis of the Father," a center for the elderly in Cancun´s "City of Joy"
3.  8.5 kilometers of sweaters serving as a witness to solidarity.
Kilometers of Solidarity
Christian Charity
Young Volunteers from Gente Nueva (New Generation) Brazil collect more than 8 kilometers of sweaters for the poor of Sao Paulo.
4.  Two Italian "Angels" for a day.
"Angel for a Day" Activities in Italy
Christian Charity
Italian volunteers make some dreams come true for a group of orphaned children.
5.  Friends Forever
Friends Forever
Christian Charity
It is so easy to make a child happy: you just need a little love and a pinch of joy and you get a smile almost immediately.
6.  Full-Time Lay Missionaries that work in el Salvador.
Full-Time Lay Missionaries in El Salvador
Christian Charity
The Full-Time Lay Missionaries continue to grow in el Salvador. On May 13th they inaugurated a new center which will enable them to serve the local bishops and their dioceses more effectively.
7.  The inauguration of the complex was presided over by the Apostolic Nuncio of El Salvador, Bishop Giacinto Berloco.
A Fresh Start for 115 families in El Salvador: The ´Living Stones´ Project
Christian Charity
A community-building initiative called ´Living Stones´is being supported by Catholic World Mission, the Legion apostolate for the poor based in Hamden, CT.
8.  Dr. Brezinski helping a patient with his medical skill and his Catholic faith.
Guatemala Will Never Be the Same
Christian Charity
A transforming experience for both body and soul.
9.  Generosity  and happiness are contagious.
Angels in Heaven
Christian Charity
100 young women spend a day helping 100 underprivileged children.
10.  One of the very first students at the Santa Maria Mano Amiga school.
«Mano Amiga» Argentina
Christian Charity
The Legion of Christ opens it´s first Mano Amiga school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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