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6 Months of the Renewal of Regnum Christi equips members for the Path Ahead (Article)
Reflections on the mission of the lay members of Regnum Christi (Article)
Going Through the Gate (Article)
Faith Leads Us to the Fullness of Love: (Article)
The chance of asking us how to improve our service to the Church (Article)

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1.  Blessing the image of Our Lady given to the Guaraní village of Catupurí by Missionary Families for the Third Millennium.
Evangelizing the Guaraní Villages of Argentina
Christian Charity
Youth for the Third Millennium and Missionary Families for the Third Millennium of Argentina evangelized among the Guaraní natives, heirs of the missions of old dating from the XVII century.
2.  Hombre Nuevo distributed food, clothing and toys to the poor.
Toys and Presents for Those in Need
Christian Charity
191 vehicles traveled from Los Angeles to Tijuana bringing 7,500 toys and over 600 boxes of supplies and clothing for the poor.
3.  During a visit to the local prison, doctors took care of some patients.
Medical Missionaries Boost Faith in Spiritually Needy Amazon
Christian Charity
When a small team of Catholic medical missionaries brought expertise, medicine and personal care to up to 200 people a day in this Amazon region in August, little did ...
4.  Helping Lay Missionaries bring the Word of God to everyone.
Catholic Lay Missionaries Spreading the Word of God
Christian Charity
Program Makes Full-Time Catechists of Indians in Mexico.
5.  Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego
Celebrating our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego
Christian Charity
The sanctuary was standing room only, with over 2,000 people in attendance, including entire families participating fervently and with great joy, many dressed in the ...
6.  Father Peter Hopkins, LC (left) and Msgr. William Smith concelebrating the Mass.
Medicine and Charity
Christian Charity
The Legionaries of Christ help those in the medical field to grow closer to Christ in the practice of their profession.
7.  Monumental buildings and temples, typical of Mayan settlements
The Mayans of Yesterday
Christian Charity
The land inhabited in times past by this ancient and brilliant civilization is today mission territory for the Legionaries of Christ.
8.  Each community has its own characteristic dress, always brilliantly colored.
The Mayans of Today
Christian Charity
The Mayans, in spite of time’s passage, have preserved many of their ancient traditions and beliefs.
9.  Bishop Jorge Bernal, LC
Prelature of Chetumal-Cancún
Christian Charity
For their spiritual care, Bishop Bernal counts on the presence of 10% of all Legionary priests and numerous Regnum Christi lay coworkers.
Project Mazahua
Christian Charity
Project Mazahua is a hospital designed to help the indigenous.
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