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6 Months of the Renewal of Regnum Christi equips members for the Path Ahead (Article)
Reflections on the mission of the lay members of Regnum Christi (Article)
Going Through the Gate (Article)
Faith Leads Us to the Fullness of Love: (Article)
The chance of asking us how to improve our service to the Church (Article)

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Integral Educators
Christian Charity
An institution that seeks to provide basic education for the indigenous poor of Latin America.
2.  «The movements cooperate with the dioceses and the parishes in the formation of lay people who are convinced about Christ, motivated, committed to their faith and eager to share with others the transforming gospel message».
Forward (Avance)
Christian Charity
This program has sought to increase solidarity with the most abandoned sectors of society through the sale of coupons which can be exchanged for a quantity of food, ...
3.  The poorest of the poor
Micro-Businesses for Women
Christian Charity
An apostolate designed to help marginalized indigenous peoples help themselves.
50,000 Missionaries with the Legionaries During Holy Week
Christian Charity
Holy Week evangelization missions, which generally see tens of thousands of lay people directed by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi members, reached 50,000 this year.
Cancun, Witness To 300 Young People´s Missionary Spirit
U. S. A.Christian Charity
In many of the areas they came into contact with persons who spoke Mayan instead of Spanish and therefore they enriched their vocabularies with new phrases.
A Project That Brings Together Ecological Conscience And Social Development
Christian Charity
As an immediate "side effect" of this new initiative, the nearby communities will be blessed with an increased market of job opportunities.
7.  "When I was hungry, you gave me to eat." This was the motivation that moved these young hearts.
Young Italians Collect Food for an Orphanage
U. S. A.Christian Charity
This is just one of the many missions that Youth for the Third Millennium is leading in the United States, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
Lay Missionaries Evangelize Rural Communities in Mexico
U. S. A.Christian Charity
The missionaries wear a distinctive cross on their chest. They visit homes, taking Bibles, catechisms, liturgical guides and holy cards, among other items. They also ...
9.  An initiative to help our brothers and sisters have a place to pray before our Lord again
Saint Francis of Assisi Project
Christian Charity
A new initiative, whose motto is: "God´s house is your house", promotes the reconstruction of churches damaged by earthquakes in El Salvador.
10.  Construction of one of the CIDECO houses in Mexico City
Center for Integral Community Development CIDECO
Christian Charity
CIDECO consists of 200 houses providing homes to 1,200 people and forming an exemplary community that works constantly for better living conditions.
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