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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Fr Bannon (far left) with the participants in the men's spiritual exercises in Sydney.
Spiritually Active in Sydney
Regnum Christi members from Australia and New Zealand gather for a time of prayer, undertake apostolic projects at the service of the local Church.
2.  Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, LC
Legionary Bishop Says Future of Cancun is a Missionary Future
Interview with Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, LC, bishop of the Cancun-Chetumal prelature.
3.  The purpose of Lumen Press is to foster family prayer.
Lumen Press: An Initiative to Foster Family Prayer
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
How a Regnum Christi member’s response to others’ needs became a growing apostolate.
4.  The blogspot has over 200 articles for coaches, athletes, and parents.
SportsLeader Blog and YouTube Channel
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Articles and videos give coaches, parents, and athletes an extra edge.
5.  Pure Fashion models pose with Stacey and Bert Weiss.
Pure Fashion Reaches beyond the Choir
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Modesty fashion show presented for a more secular crowd, benefits sick children.
6.  Convention participants during a small group workshop.
My Experience at the Women’s Formators’ Conference:
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
“I Had To Ask God to Stop the Torrents of Grace”
7.  Young women involved in Challenge leadership clubs throughout the New England area traveled to Overbrook Academy in Warwick to participate in the 8th annual video contest. Photos courtesy of Laura Kilgus.
Video Contest Encourages Creative Evangelization
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Challenge girls learn how to spread the faith through the mass media.
8.  Choose from 8 different designs.
Mother’s Day Cards for Sale
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Support the consecrated women by purchasing Mother’s Day cards online.
9.  The Stations of the Cross: a joint production of 15 theology students and 15 kids.
15 Seminarians and 15 Kids Produce a Work of Art and Faith
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Teamwork between theology students and 2nd to 4th graders results in a unique Stations of the Cross.
10.  The face on the Turin Shroud.
A Photograph of Our Lord
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Replica of Turin Shroud on display at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Sacramento.
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