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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Footage from the live stations of the cross on missions.
Holy Week Videos in Spanish to Share
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Two sets of videos guide missionaries in the spiritual meaning of these holy days. Sharing them can also be a form of missionary work.
2.  A total of 23 fathers and sons went on the trip.
Time with God and the Guys
A father and son who attended a mission trip to El Salvador report back on their experience.
3.  Benedict XVI greets Fr Álvaro Corcuera, LC, at the end of the General Audience on January 7, 2009 (Photos: L'Osservatore Romano).
Benedict XVI Greets Legionaries of Christ in General Audience
“I am pleased to offer a warm greeting to the Italian-language pilgrims, and in particular, to the newly ordained Legionaries of Christ who are present here with their families.”
4.  Diana Ramos de Lobo, the international director of the Pilgrim Queen of the Family apostolate.
The Apostolate of Prayer
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Jorge Enrique Mújica, LC, interviews Diana Ramos de Lobo, international director of the Pilgrim Queen of the Family apostolate.
5.  The Forsters’ TKC vanity plate.
The TKC Challenge
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
A Challenge team leader takes a side apostolate out on the road.
6.  Outdoor Mass overlooking the lake.
Resting in the Rockies
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
A group of 16 friends goes on a missionary weekend vacation, Regnum Christi style.
7.  Fr Apolinar, diocesan priest of the Congo, Africa with the triptych of the Pilgrim Queen of the Family.
Pilgrim Queen of the Family Arrives to the Congo, Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)EvangelizationNews
The Blessed Virgin has brought blessings for a church under construction in the Congo: St Josephine Bakhita parish.
8.  Dr. Jimenez, DDS from Cleveland, OH providing dentistry care to a patient in Bibiani.
HELPING HANDS Medical Missions in Ghana
A team of 20 medical missionaries and a Legionary priest served those most in need in Ghana, Africa.
Yes, We Do Care!
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
New World Youth Day 2008 video captures the faith, joy, and enthusiasm of the youth who are the future of the Church.
The 2008 World Youth Day Awaits You!
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
This is your opportunity to join Regnum Christi youth from all over the world for an unforgettable faith experience in the Land Down Under.
Mostrando del 81 al 90 de 189
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Anteriores Siguientes


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