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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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K4J and SportsLeader Entering New Era
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Mission Network apostolates are becoming independent to better serve the Church and the nation.
2.  Regnum Christi members with prisoners, building a chapel together.
Taking Steps in Prison Ministry
Regnum Christi members in Mexico City offer spiritual care and build chapels in three city prisons.
3.  Fr Scott Reilly, LC
Fr Scott Reilly, LC, on Living Advent Spiritually
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Advent by Candelight talk brings humor and insight into preparation for Christ’s coming.
4.  Leaving a little message of God's love.
Contagious Love Missions Hit Western Canada
An epidemic of kindness breaks out in downtown Calgary.
5.  Pilgrim Queen of the Family
Pilgrim Queen of the Family inspires family prayer through the rosary
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
6.  The "RC Runners" Karen Wilhoite, Tammy Grade, Yvonne Fontaine, and Mary Sarah Ivers.
RC Runners Complete Denver “Run 4 Vocations”
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
The team’s participation brought pledges from more than 100 people.
7.  Clockwise from top left: Mary Sarah Ivers, Tammy Grady, Yvonne Fontaine, Karen Wilhoite.
Regnum Christi Members “Run 4 Vocations”
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Archdiocese sponsors run to encourage prayers for vocations.
8.  A view of the audience during the congress.
Congress of Lay Catholics in the Asian Continent
Korea, RepublicEvangelizationNews
Laymen and priests reflect together on the challenges of proclaiming Christ in Asia today.
9.  One of the members of the Jacksonville Conquest club talks about the billboard project on the YouTube video.
Silent Witness to Dignity on I-95
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
In a YouTube video, Conquest boys in Florida talk about their billboard campaign to promote respect for life.
10.  This picture of Pilar Bulnes giving out a Pilgrim Queen triptych first appeared in the online newspaper
Pilgrim Queen Comforts Families of Chilean Miners
As 33 Chilean miners await rescue, their families gather to pray and keep vigil at Camp Hope in Our Lady’s company.
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