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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  "Each and every goal that I have set for myself and achieved is a direct representation of what the SportsLeader program has done for me."
Something Good from Nazareth’s SportsLeader Program
U. S. A.Youth
“In the last eight months I have been reborn in many ways.”
2.  An Ancora member reads at Mass during a Holy Week convention.
Ancora Launches New Web Site
U. S. A.YouthNews
International girls’ club provides a concrete way to support the Pope and pray for vocations.
3.  White-water rafting at Camp Caribou.
Conquest Summer Camps in Eastern Canada
Camp Caribou and Camp Canuck are both open for boys ages 10-13. Save the date!
Boys Need… Fair and Just Punishments
U. S. A.YouthNews
Part 3 in a series of tips from Fr Michael Sliney, LC, on raising boys.
5.  The 8 seniors on the varsity wrestling team, plus their dads and coaches.
More than a Singlet
U. S. A.YouthNews
Archbishop Moeller High School’s SportsLeader program connects fathers and sons, takes wrestling team to a new level.
6.  Participants in the K4J track at the Youth Formators Convention in Atlanta.
Kindling for the Fire
U. S. A.YouthNews
Women at Youth Formators’ Convention discover how K4J feeds youth ministry.
7.  K4J kids dance up a storm to the song "I've Got a Mission."
K4J Kids Know They’ve Got a Mission
U. S. A.YouthNews
Enthusiasm runs high during Vocation Awareness Week at St Joseph’s Elementary School.
8.  Two young boys make friends over the universal language of soccer.
From DC to El Salvador, Bearing Gifts
Father-son missionary trip touches hearts and brings joy to local towns.
9.  The conference is on January 23 at Callaway Gardens in Atlanta.
My iGirl: Decoding the Mystery
U. S. A.YouthNews
One-day conference on January 23 in Atlanta’s Callaway Gardens offers advice on how to reach today’s techno-savvy teens & tweens.
10.  The boys and their leaders formed a line from the vehicles to the convent for the transfer of about 30 bags and boxes of clothing.
Forging Leaders through Service
U. S. A.YouthNews
Conquest club mobilizes boys to donate a month-long clothing collection to the poor.
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