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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Our Faith In Action is a free resource available online and in print.
Our Faith In Action®: a Free Resource for Catechists, Teens, and Preteens
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
An internet and print publication uses current events to teach teens and preteens (ages 12-18) about the Catholic faith and Christian values.
2.  Kelly Luttinen in the WCAR 1090 AM studio.
Regnum Christi Member Hosts Radio Show on Theology of the Body
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Tune in online at as Kelly Luttinen interviews top speakers on Theology of the Body.
3.  An audience of 9,000 was helped to contemplate the Passion through the presentation.
“Christ Is Alive" Presentation Changes Hearts
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
In the 15th presentation of Christ Is Alive, 120 actors presented the story of Christ’s Passion to an audience of 9,000.
4.  A feature video on the miracle of life.
Mini Movies Now on
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
A partnership between and brings formation and motivational videos within easy reach.
5.  H2O News and a new alliance to offer Catholics easy access to cutting-edge news.
A Fruitful Partnership Offering More Formation to Catholics
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
H2ONews teams up with to offer users direct access to daily news videos
6.  SportsLeader: teaching virtues through sports.
Changing the Culture through Sports
U. S. A.Mass MediaOn the Media
An article in Christian Living Magazine shows how SportsLeader can change our culture by teaching boys what it means to be a real man.
7.  This interview was originally published in the winter 2008-2009 edition of LeCristo Magazine.
The National Catholic Register: Formative and Informative
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
An Interview with Father Owen Kearns, LC
And… why not be a priest?
ItalyMass MediaNews offers an innovative spark of motivation and help for young men discerning a call to the priesthood. Watch the video online!
9.  An ideal gift for family members and friends.
Legionary Novitiate Offers Advent-Christmas CD for Sale
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
The new CD features 14 Gregorian chants and Latin polyphonies, available for purchase at
10.  The Congress was a vehicle of grace for the participants, including two pregnant women who decided after hearing the testimonies not to get abortions.
Promoting Marriage and Family Values in California
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
The Hombre Nuevo Family Congress 2008 gave a strong push in favor of holy and healthy family life.
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