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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Cover of the book
Straight Talk about Money
ItalyMass MediaNews
Interview with Frank J. Hanna, author of “What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well”
2.  “When Does Human Life Begin?” by Maureen L. Condic.
When the Spark of Life Is Ignited
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
A Senior Fellow of the Westchester Institute presents a compelling case pinpointing the precise moment—to within a second—of when human life begins.
3.  The daily Mass is broadcast each weekday morning from the Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Chapel in the Cathedral of St. Paul in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Daily Mass Broadcast Now on
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Catholics who cannot attend Mass daily are encouraged to watch online
4.  The content is updated when the paper goes to press.
National Catholic Register Launches New, Improved Website
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Special features will keep readers up to the date on breaking news and provide access to a rich archive of articles and resources.
5. Launches Prayer Chain for Politicians
U. S. A.Mass MediaOn the Media
The community asks the faithful to pray for virtue and discernment in our political leaders.
6.  Sister Glenda and Tony Meléndez sang during the holy hour, and helped create a fervent atmosphere of prayer.
Lord of Mercy Congress 2008
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
The event, organized by Hombre Nuevo and Guadalupe Radio, gathered 11,000 people in the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Faith & Family Magazine Sponsors Writing Contest
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Kids grades 3-8 can compete for a cash prize and publication of their own article on a special topic presented below. Read on for more information!
8. Invites Catholic Educators to Online Think
U. S. A.Mass MediaOn the Media joins the Holy Father’s appeal for Catholic educators to witness to Christ.
Catholic Moms Go Live
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
The new Faith & Family Live! magazine and blog allows women to share their wisdom and experiences with each other.
10.  <i>Il Timone</i>, on the cutting edge of apologetics magazines in Italy.
An Apologetics Magazine with Impact
ItalyMass MediaNews
Il Timone, a magazine founded and directed by an Italian Regnum Christi member, builds up the faith of Italian Catholics, engages secular culture, and supports the universal Church
Mostrando del 61 al 70 de 113
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