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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Brenda Sharman, national director of the Pure Fashion program
Pure Fashion on Primetime TV
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Dr. Phil Show Hosts Brenda Sharman this Friday
Our Faith in Action Magazine:
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Connecting Faith, Dreams, and Current Events
3.  <i>Genesis</i>, a new book on educating kids
Genesis and the Genius of David Murray
Mass MediaNews
The Ultimate Practical Guide for Educating “Kids”
4.  <i>The Better Part</i>, by Father John Bartunek, LC
Bringing Out the Better Part
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
A new book by Father John Bartunek, LC, is now available from Circle Press.
Angel for a Day Makes a Splash in Bridgeport, CT
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Diocese of Bridgport newspaper reports on Regnum Christi apostolate
6.  Article of Pincrest Academy
Pincrest Academy: “Semper Altius”
U. S. A.Mass MediaSpirituality
New magazine article available online.
Join us at
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
New “blog” website offers views from Regnum Christi and Legionary writers
8.  1)	Jay Dunlap’s new book is a precious guide for parents in our media society.
Raising Kids in the Media Age
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
A new book by Jay Dunlap helps parents to understand the media´s impact on kids and respond in a realistic, positive way.
9.  "A book like this is a must-have for everyone"
A Family that Broke the Mold
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Last week James and Kathleen Littleton presented their new book during the YFE in Atlanta.
10.  The film is the work of a new Catholic production company called Metanoia Films.
Bella receives awards on way to opening weekend
U. S. A.Mass MediaNews
Regnum Christi members took part in the production of this movie. It will be screened at the YFE in Atlanta.
Mostrando del 81 al 90 de 113
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