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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Patrick Metts, a co-worker from Atlanta, enjoying a moment with a young friend
Angel for a Day in Washington, DC
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Catholic Teens Bring Christmas Gifts and Joy to Kids
American and European Doctors Serve in El Salvador
El SalvadorEvangelizationNews
Helping Hands Medical Missions Gives Free Medical Care to the Poor
The Chance of a Lifetime: How You Can Help Bella Save Lives
4.  Jon and Cindy Morris with Juan and Lucia Arroyo.
Listening to Restlessness and Taking a Risk
U. S. A.Evangelization
Jon and Cindy Morris Found Catholic Family Mission
5.  Bishop Thomas Olmsted blessing the Pope Mobile.
Innovation and Inspiration on Wheels: Legionary Father Michael Goodyear´s "SUV Popemobile" in the Catholic Sun.
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
6.  Catechists and evangelizers before Christ crucified in St. Michael’s parish in Gainesville, part of the archdiocese of Atlanta.
Formation course in Atlanta for catechists and evangelizers
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Full-time Evangelizers support Atlanta archdiocese with two catechetical formation programs.
7.  Members of the Flame Girls Club in Bratislava, Slovakia, take part in the Action Kilo food drive.
Regnum Christi Active in Slovakia
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)EvangelizationSpirituality
8.  The missionaries’ life is not easy. They come from middle-class and well-off families, yet in the towns they sleep on the floor of dusty schools or abandoned houses without running water. They eat whatever people offer them.
What I Saw… at the Mega Missions in Mexico
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Legionary Father Alfonso Aguilar shares his experiences from the door-to-door “Megamissions” organized by Youth and Missionary Families for the Third Millennium.
9.  Adoration before the altar of repose on Thursday night
Ancora Holy Week Convention 2007
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
The girls celebrated the Pascal mysteries and shared Christ’s love through missionary activities
10.  Over 200 young missionaries attend opening mass, Immaculate Conception, Chicago, 4 April 2007.
Holy Week Missionaries Share Faith with Parish Communities
U. S. A.EvangelizationNews
Mostrando del 91 al 100 de 189
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