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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Elementary School Religion Texts Approved  by U.S. Bishops
Bishop Wuerl: “A Vital and Effective Role in Any Catechetical Program”.
U. S. A.Evangelization
“The Treasure of My Catholic Faith” textbooks help our children to reach an understanding and appreciation of the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church.
2.  Alejandro Pinelo to the right of His Excellency Victor Hugo Palma, bishop of Escuintla (Guatemala), with some of the Full Time Lay Missionaries from that country.
Bishop Victor Hugo Palma Thanks Missionaries for their Presence
"I have found in the effective preparation of the full-time catechists a sound means for the laity to fulfill the mission proper to them."
3.  Elementary School Religion Texts Approved  by U.S. Bishops
"Treasure of My Catholic Faith" Now Widely Available
U. S. A.Evangelization
"Treasure of My Catholic Faith" Now Widely Available
K4J “Summertime Blast” Vacation Bible School Gets Imprimatur
U. S. A.Evangelization
Parishes throughout the United States and Canada use the K4J programs to complement other catechetical programs.
Help us ship $15 million in donated medical supplies
U. S. A.Evangelization
$1 will deliver $608.77 in medicine! But we must act immediately!
Cardinal Rivera: "You are going to respond to the anguishes of many hearts"
Cardinal Noberto Rivera presided over the Opening Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe for this year’s Megamissions in Mexico City. 8,000 young people, 2,500 ...
7.  In Atlanta, Archbishop Wilton Gregory received a group of YTM-Missionaries after Easter Vigil and encouraged their work
Thousands Bring Christ to the Streets in Megamission 2005
U. S. A.Evangelization
Holy Week Missions Becoming Regnum Christi’s Signature Event.
8.  Regnum Christi at the service of the Church and the World.
New Vatican Decree Affirms Regnum Christi Statutes, Charism
The work that the Legionaries of Christ and the members of the Movement of apostolate Regnum Christi carry out in the construction of the civilization of Christian justice and love is well known.
9.  San Andres, one of the villages the missionaries will be visiting.
Archbishop Ramon Argueles recived YTM missionaries
His Excellency was particularly interested in our missionary work in the Islands with difficult accessibility.
10.  The young missionaries organized in teams to rebuild a part of Saint Elisabeth Institute
Missions in the Diocese of Mukachevo, Ukraine
Youth for the Third Millennium at Budapest brings humanitarian aid and the love of Christ to a Ukrainian community in need.
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