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1.  Father Gonzalo Urquiza, LC, together with two of the participants from the Catechists' course.
Renew the Spirit to Continue Evangelizing
Full-time Catechists participated in a formation course on the new evangelization.
50,000 Gearing Up for a Regnum Christi "Mega-Mission"
U. S. A.Evangelization
Evangelizers to descend on 7,000 communities during Holy Week.
3.  Blessing the image of Our Lady given to the Guaraní village of Catupurí by Missionary Families for the Third Millennium.
Evangelizing the Guaraní Villages of Argentina
Youth for the Third Millennium and Missionary Families for the Third Millennium of Argentina evangelized among the Guaraní natives, heirs of the missions of old dating from the XVII century.
4.  Matthias receives his missionary cross from Father Cliff Ermatinger, LC.
Seeing the Gospel Come to Life
Volunteers in Aktion, Youth for the Third Millennium in Germany, organized a parochial mission in the town of Wildpoldsried in the south of Germany.
5.  Each morning the young people went door-to-door visiting the local families.
Young People Bring a Message of Joy to the Arteaga Mountainside
U. S. A.Evangelization
During their Christmas vacation fifty-one young people participated in a mission in the State of Coahuila, México.
6.  The young missionaries.
Christmas Missions in Maringá, Brazil
U. S. A.Evangelization
Brazilian families received a pleasant surprise at their door this Christmas: young people from Youth for the Third Millennium.
7.  Students preparing for the mission.
Austrian Young People Evangelize in School
Classrooms can be locales for spreading the good news ...
8.  Father Daniel Becker with the missionaries from Youth for the Third Millennium.
YTM Mission in Massachusetts
Young people help pastor to revitalize parish.
9.  The missionaries praying the rosary in the streets of Jordanesia.
Youth for the Third Millennium in Jordanésia, Brasil
320 families in Brazil received a visit from a group of young missionaries.
Parish Is Key to Resisting Secularized Culture, Says John Paul II
The Holy Father calls the parish the heart of the community´s sacramental life.
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