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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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Christmas discernment retreat
U. S. A.YouthNews
A prayerful environment for young girls to discover more about Christ
2.  «The World Journal of Missions must be an opportunity to better understand that the love testimony, soul of the mission, belongs to everybody».
To be a missionary is to announce that God is love”
U. S. A.YouthNews
Pope Benedict XVI affirms it in his message for the “Jornada Mundial de las Misiones 2006” (World Mission Conference 2006).
Youth and Family Encounter 2007
Save the Date and Start Planning!
U. S. A.YouthNews
Sponsored by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi. Love Christ. Serve People. Build the Church.
4.  Dell’animazione del bar sono incaricati coppie e giovani volontari che hanno un vero interesse nel far conoscere la bellezza della vocazione cristiana.
A Café That Promotes Vocations
Café seeks to be a service to the Church, which promotes all vocations in the Church
Challenge Summer Camps 2006
U. S. A.YouthNews
Take the challenge. Be a leader.
6.  LTP is a program of the Legionaries of Christ and the <i>Regnum Christi</i> Movement.
Leadership as Service in “Angels for a Day”
U. S. A.YouthNews
The LTP students also made clear what motivates them: their love for Christ.
7.  Never underestimate the power of youth.
Pure Fashion Season
U. S. A.YouthNews
This is the Pure Fashion movement, gaining popularity among churchgoing families
Faith in Action & The Da Vinci Code
U. S. A.YouthNews
Our Faith In Action is making its April lesson about The Da Vinci Code available on-line for free.
9.  Virtue is the most important 'must have' for every season.
«Pure Fashion» Shows for Girls Catching on – Meet "Modesty Guidelines"
U. S. A.YouthNews
Pure Fashion bills itself as an international “faith-based” program that trains girls to dress, wear make-up and style their hair in accordance with Christian principles
Learning about the Father in a “Circus of Stars”
U. S. A.YouthNews
The kids not only have a good time, they learn to give to others as well.
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