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21.  From left to right – Everest Collegiate Boys’ High School students Nick Greene, Chris Bradley, Gabe Fenske and Ryan Bradley proudly hold up pro-life conference brochure. It Takes Courage!
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Students attend 8th annual pro-life youth conference in southeastern Michigan
22.  A view of the main gate of Arcâtheos. Rite of Passage
Canada | Youth | News
Arcātheos boys’ camp highlights heroism in an imaginative setting.
23.  Young Mission Corps men and women joined together for a co-ed youth activity during Holy Week. The Bridge to Tomorrow
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Regnum Christi Mission Corps offers a life-changing experience.
24.  The quintessential caneoing trip. Celebrating Our “One Life”:
Canada | Youth | News
Young people attend ECYD summer camps in Eastern Canada
25.  A view of the crowd at Cuatro Vientos prior to the Pope's arrival. Spanish Invasion
International | Youth | News
World Youth Day through the eyes of a priest.
26.  OUTDOORS—Young men take to the lake in canoes and kayaks at Camp Veritas. Photo: Maria R. Bastone Camp Veritas: Pray and Play
International | Youth | News
Summer camp for teens grows in popularity, will be held on Thornwood campus next year.
27.  Arriving to Cuatro Vientos airfield for the Saturday vigil. A Pilgrim’s Perspective
International | Youth | News
World Youth Day through the eyes of Margaret Antonio, age 17.
28.  The Coffee House gives youth a chance to hear the call in a more personal way. Coffee House Opens in Madrid
Spain | Youth | News
World Youth Day initiative to bring youth into contact with many different religious vocations.
29.  The girls, ages 10-16, enjoyed three days of music, fun, and friendship at the first music camp in the state. Discovering the Gift:
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Twenty girls praise God in song and friendship at music camp in Ohio
30.  Conquest campers on the lookout. The Joy of Being a Catholic Boy
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Conquest Club campers learn the art of warfare, Catholic style.
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