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21.  Download for your iPod or listen online. Daily Meditations Now Offered as Podcasts
International | Mass Media | News
Audio versions of the daily meditations available for download and subscription.
22.  Each unique recording presents a mini-capsule explaining virtue or the spiritual life by means of the concrete events of daily life. Spiritual Soundbytes for Kids
International | Mass Media | News
Theology a third-grader can understand, now in audio format.
23.  A free biweekly newsletter with updates on recent events in the Legion and Regnum Christi. Mission Newsletter Gets a New Look
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Fresh design gives biweekly newsletter a clean, modern appeal.
24.  Proceeds from the book go to support the Legion of Christ. Living Miracles: The Spiritual Sons of John Paul the Great
International | Mass Media |
A new book by Br Randall J. Meissen, LC presents the vocation stories of an array of diocesan and religious priests who were inspired by John Paul II.
25.  EWTN Acquires National Catholic Register
U. S. A. | Mass Media | News
World’s Largest Catholic Media Network Acquires 83-Year-Old Newspaper
26.  A Window into Cheshire
U. S. A. | Mass Media | News
Legionary brothers open a new channel to connect with supporters and friends on the web.
27.  Fr. Scott Reilly LC The “5M Recipe:”
U. S. A. | Mass Media | News
Fr. Scott Reilly LC gives his reflections for the season of Advent
28.  What Does the Church Believe and Why?
U. S. A. | Mass Media | News
Fr. Michael Sliney offers Advent reflections with workshop on the Catechism
29.  Fr Eamon Kelly, LC Fr Eamon Kelly, LC on “Kresta in the Afternoon”
U. S. A. | Mass Media | News
Interview covers progress on Magdala Project on the Sea of Galilee
30.  This carved stone found at Magdala is one of the oldest engravings of a menorah to be discovered, dating to before 67 C.E. Legionary Priest Featured in Jewish Publication
International | Mass Media | On the Media
Fr. Eamon Kelly talks about Magdala Project at philosophy and theology school in Berkley
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