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21.  The crucifix behind St. John the Baptist parish in Colerain, Ohio, at sundown Coming Together as a Spiritual Family
U. S. A. | News | News
Ohio Valley Regnum Christi members celebrate the Christ the King feast day
22.  Remembering a Sister
U. S. A. | News | News
Rhode Island community remembers Erin Bellefeuille
23.  Pocket Spiritual Guidance
U. S. A. | News | News
"You Matter: A Retreat Guide for Advent" featuring Fr. John Bartunek LC available for download at
24.  Integral Formation Convention
Canada | News | News
Regnum Christi women in Calgary reflect on faith, finances and marriage
25.  You’re Invited!
U. S. A. | News | News
The Archdiocese of Cincinnati and Mission Youth invite young people to join them for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
26.  On Crayons and Conversion
U. S. A. | News | News
Andreas Widmer talks about what he has learned while serving as a member of the Swiss Guard protecting John Paul II
27.  Flood of Generosity
Philippines | News | News
Students of Everest Manila reach out to flood victims
28.  The Best in Catholic Education
U. S. A. | News | News
Fr. Daniel Ray LC is interviewed on Texas radio program about the Highlands School
29.  In the Footsteps of Christ
U. S. A. | News | News
Legionaries host Holy Land pilgrimage in March 2013
30.  Heart of Mary, Hands of Martha
U. S. A. | News | News
Regnum Christi women focus on their mission and support religious freedom at Regional Convention in Cincinnati
Showing 21 to 20 from 20
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