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Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ thank God for their 75th anniversary (Article)
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21.  Together with like-minded colleagues, Mon Austria has devoted himself to providing quality education for the impoverished and gifted students of Taguig through the Mano Amiga Academy. Never a Dull Moment in Manila
| Education | On the Media
When Ramon Austria took on the job of principal at the first Mano Amiga school for poor children in the Philippines, he also took on a mission.
22. Launches Prayer Chain for Politicians
U. S. A. | Mass Media | On the Media
The community asks the faithful to pray for virtue and discernment in our political leaders.
23.  A Light in Holland
Netherlands | In the Mass Media | On the Media
24. Invites Catholic Educators to Online Think
U. S. A. | Mass Media | On the Media joins the Holy Father’s appeal for Catholic educators to witness to Christ.
25.  «.» (Photo: L'Osservatore Romano). On Bishops, Local Churches and Movements
Vatican City State (Holy See) | Regnum Christi | On the Media
Interview With Speaker From Laity Council Conference.
26.  Special National Catholic Register Web Site to Cover Pope´s Visit to the U.S. and World Youth Day
U. S. A. | Mass Media | On the Media
The National Catholic Register has opened a new blog “The World Meets Benedict” to cover the Pope’s visit to the States in April and the World Youth Day events this summer.
27.  The <i>Altius</i> Foundation’s Web page Fundación Altius: Charity that Transforms
Mexico | Christian Charity | On the Media
Fundación Altius (The Altius Foundation) is a project started by the Legion of Christ to fight against the causes of poverty in the world
28.  Fr Jonathan Morris, LC Fr Jonathan Morris, LC, on Fox Television
Italy | Mass Media | On the Media
People have noticed that I am not doing commentary on just religious issues
29.  Interview with Fr. Dominic Vu Pham, L.C.
Vatican City State (Holy See) | Regnum Christi | On the Media
I remember when I was small, we had a lot of traditions of the priests, and thinking of when I was growing up, I think those were probably the happiest moments of my life.
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