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21.  An unforgettable concelebration on the Sea of Galilee. The Priesthood and the Fifth Gospel
Israel | Diocesan Clergy | News
Priests from 14 countries unite to renew their priesthood in the land where Jesus walked.
22.  Students in the Culinary Arts program learn in the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center kitchen. Opening Doors in the Hospitality Business
Israel | Education | News
Professional Promotion Hospitality Section at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center offers new opportunities for Palestinian and Armenian youth.
23.  The participants of the conferences. Sharing the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives on the Sacredness of Human Life
Israel | Cultural Action | News
Two conferences on bioethics and religion at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center encourage interreligious reflection and cooperation on life issues.
24.  Your Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Israel | News | News
It’s your turn to walk in Jesus’ footsteps on an 8-day pilgrimage with the Legion of Christ.
25.  Pope Benedict XVI blesses the first stone of the Magdala Center in Galilee. Pope Benedict XVI Blesses Magdala Center Cornerstone
Israel | Cultural Action | News
During his visit to the Holy Land, the Pope gave his blessing to the Legion’s planned retreat center on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.
26.  Pope Benedict XVI spoke about his upcoming trip to the Holy Land during the general audience on May 6, 2009. Pilgrim of Peace
Israel | In the Church | News
During the Holy Father’s trip to the Holy Land, he will bless the cornerstone of the Legion’s new Magdala Center.
27.  News from the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center is available through the HIC Newsletter. What´s Happening in the Holy Land?
Israel | Regnum Christi | News
The Legionary priests at the Pontifical Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center publish a quarterly newsletter for pilgrims and friends.
28.  An eagle’s eye view of where the Notre Dame of Galilee Center in Magdala will be. Walking on Water
Israel | Regnum Christi | News
Notre Dame of Galilee Project Approved by Local Bishop
29.  Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center. In Jerusalem, Spiritual Renewal and a Refuge from the Hostilities
Israel | Christian Charity | News
"Whatever people can do to help will be greatly appreciated," Fr. Solana explained.
30.  Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center. Priests Experience Holy Week Anew After Jerusalem Retreat
Israel | Diocesan Clergy | News
Retreats organized by the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center and Rome’s Regina Apostolorum University, both run by the Legionaries of Christ.
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