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Just what is “communion” in the Movement? (Article)
Winning Souls for Christ (Article)
Make a Holy Week Retreat (Article)
Spring Events (Article)
Texas Conquest Weekend Campout: LIONHEART- Frenstat, February 2015 (Article)

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International | General |
2.  10-Point Progress Report
International | General |
3.  Child and Youth Protection
International | General |
The Legion of Christ’s Safe Environment Policy
4.  Brazil
International | Brazil |
The Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement were established in Brazil in 1985 and have grown at a fast pace since then. They currently have a novitiate, ...
5.  Archbishop de Paolis has broad experience and proven competence in his own religious congregation, in university teaching, and in service to the Holy See. (Photo: L'Osservatore Romano) Papal Delegate to the Legionaries of Christ
Vatican City State (Holy See) | Papal Delegate |
Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, CS is the papal delegate to the Legionaries of Christ.
6.  Education
International | Diocesan Clergy |
7.  Guides pratiques
International | Practical Guides |
8.  Virtue Tips
U. S. A. | Virtue Tips |
Virtue 101 is a series of basic "tips" on how to live and teach our children to live some of the fundamental Christian virtues.
9.  ECYD
| Youth | Works
Experiences, Convictions and your Decisions
10.  Lebanese youth participating in Mission Youth. Lebanon
Libano | News |
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