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1.  Virtue 101: Goodness
| Virtue Tips | Spirituality
Practical tips on how to form the virtue of goodness in our children.
2.  Explore the tabs on the RC web page to find news and formative resources. Your Map to the Regnum Christi Web Site
| Mass Media | News
Find your way around the updated site and explore new and improved features.
3.  Virtue 101: Dignity
| Virtue Tips |
Practical tips on how to foster a sense of dignity at home.
4.  Above: Bishop Ricardo Blázquez, Bishop Giuseppe Versaldi, and Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati. Below: Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishop Ricardo Watty. (Photocomposition: ACIPRENSA) Apostolic Visitators to Conclude Work in Mid-March
| News | News
The Holy See has informed the Legionaries of Christ that the visitators will turn in their reports in three months’ time.
5.  "Am I not here, who am your Mother?" A Queen on Pilgrimage
| Evangelization | News
Through the Pilgrim Queen of the Family apostolate, Our Lady of Guadalupe is visiting her children all around the world.
6.  From Greenland to Samoa, the meditations are helping people to pray. Preach the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth
| Evangelization | News
The daily meditations from the Regnum Christi web page are reaching readers in 230 countries. Find out why.
7.  Sister María Esther of the Cross and of the Child Jesus (wearing crown of flowers) with Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo of the Cancún-Chetumal prelature and several other sisters from her order. NET (K4J) Alumni Serve the Church
| Youth | News
A Legionary and a religious sister report back on how NET (K4J) helped them discover Christ and their vocation in the Church.
8.  "While we were at work, the children came around to capture our hearts and our attention." My Story
| Missions | Testimonies
Barbara Forbes’ experience of Extreme Missions in Cancún, Mexico.
9.  Providing preventative health care for the poor children in Mano Amiga schools so that they will have better chances for academic success. MANOS Program Brings Hope and Healing
| News | News
The MANOS program in Mano Amiga (Helping Hands) schools is helping underprivileged children succeed in school by providing for a basic physical need: health care.
10.  Many of the children had a dream come true thanks to these volunteers. A Dream Come True
| Christian Charity | News
University students from Rome (Italy) organize a day of fun for orphans and children in need.
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