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Just what is “communion” in the Movement? (Article)
The Need for Some Soul Searching (Article)
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Texas Conquest Weekend Campout: LIONHEART- Frenstat, February 2015 (Article)

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1.  Fr. John Ko LC on Arirang TV A Sign of Hope
Korea, Republic | Regnum Christi | News
Fr. John Ko LC joins news crew in coverage of Papal Mass in South Korea
2.  Oak in Korea
Korea, Republic | Education | News
Three principals of Oak International schools visit Seoul
3.  Oaklawn Reunion
Korea, Republic | Education | News
Oaklawn Academy Alumni Reunite in Korea
4.  P. John Ko, L.C. To the God of Widows and Orphans
Korea, Republic | Special | Testimonies-Legionaries
Fr John Ko, LC (South Korea)
5.  A view of the audience during the congress. Congress of Lay Catholics in the Asian Continent
Korea, Republic | Evangelization | News
Laymen and priests reflect together on the challenges of proclaiming Christ in Asia today.
6.  Father Marco Cho, LC, preaches the retreat just prior to the incorporation ceremony. First Regnum Christi Incorporations in South Korea
Korea, Republic | South Korea | News
The first women’s team is founded in the city of Seoul.
Showing 1 to 6 from 6


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