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1.  P. Simon Devereux, L.C. A Frightened Missionary in the Bahamas
New Zealand | Special | Testimonies
Fr Simon Devereux, LC (New Zealand)
2.  Roberto and Nico Sanchez enjoy a moment overlooking Lake Wakatipu. In Frodo’s Footsteps
New Zealand | Family | News
Lord of the Rings adventure camp brings fathers and sons together in a spectacular New Zealand setting.
3.  The West Auckland Conquest club gave a warm (and well-organized) welcome to the boys on the ECYD convention. From Two Sides of the World
New Zealand | Youth | News
The West Auckland, New Zealand Conquest club welcomes ECYD convention boys with style.
4.  Regnum Christi members at a Christ the King Day celebration in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand
New Zealand | New Zealand |
Showing 1 to 4 from 4


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