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4500 teens celebrate at Abbey Youth Fest in the diocese of New Orleans (Article)
Spiritual-Espresso: A Broadway Premier (Article)
The Limit of Evil (Article)
Reflections on the mission of the lay members of Regnum Christi (Article)
The chance of asking us how to improve our service to the Church (Article)

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1.  Discovering God´s Love for You Discovering God´s Love for You
U. S. A. | Books and Music | News
An inspiring selection of songs to be the perfect accompaniment for meditating on the Stations of the Cross and God´s love for each of us
2.  Emmanuel - God with us - A collection of christmas songs Emmanuel, God with Us
U. S. A. | Books and Music | News
A collection of Christmas songs. We hope you can also find a deeper and more personal meaning of God’s love in Christmas through this music.
3.  Nothing More Real
| Books and Music | News
This CD may catch many by surprise, for it is genuinely fun, from the cover art to the lyrics, the beat to the vocals. Songs drawn from Life… Yet Nothing More ...
4.  Ask Me
U. S. A. | Books and Music | Spirituality
5.  Strength from Heaven
| Books and Music |
“Strength from Heaven” features a collection of 14 songs inspired by the psalms, plus 6 bonus instrumental tracks. These inspirational and contemplative ...
6.  Holding On
International | Books and Music |
When life gets hard, we immediately want to find something or someone secure to hold onto. But Christ comes to meet us in the midst of our darkness. We can hold on ...
7.  I Can Love You Still
International | Books and Music |
Born from a heart that has learnt how to suffer, these original songs can give hope and meaning to those who suffer. Download
8.  Count the Stars
| Books and Music |
God’s call is mysterious. It happens to certain people, at certain times, and for a certain mission. The vocational stories of Dorrie Donahue, Luly Fernández, ...
9.  Making All Things New
| Books and Music |
For those who are also looking for original Christian music with a mix of fast and slow songs both playful and serious, try Making All Things New. All of the ...
10.  In His Presence
| Books and Music |
A CD of chapel songs, from Latin hymns to more contemporary songs. This CD was recorded in the consecrated women’s chapel in Greenville, Rhode Island, with all ...
Showing 1 to 10 from 14
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