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1.  Leadership and Employment
U. S. A. | United States | News
The International Leadership Semester (ILS) program in Rome helps students gain a competitive edge in today’s job market
2.  Good Girl Comeback
U. S. A. | United States | News
Chelsea Gheesling starts conference series to prove “Good Girls” have more fulfillment
3.  RC consecrated man James Stone founds Biltrix with Fr. James Smith LC and Fr. José LaBoy LC What’s the Missing Point?
U. S. A. | United States | News
Biltrix offers Cultural Apologetics for the New Evangelization
4.  (From Left to Right) Ann-Marie Neme, Eileen Ambrose Tesch, Krisit Heft and Beverly Thewes A group of metro-Detroit women help other women appreciate what really matters
U. S. A. | United States | Spirituality
5.  Legionary brothers in Washington DC At the 2012 March for Life
U. S. A. | United States | Testimonies-Legionaries
Legionary Brother Joseph A’Hearn tells of his group’s experience at, reportedly, the largest pro-life event to take place in Washington DC so far
6.  The novitiate in Cheshire, Connecticut. United States
International | United States |
In 1965, the Legionaries of Christ founded their first house in the United States: a novitiate in Woodmont, Connecticut, close to the city of New Haven.
Showing 1 to 6 from 6


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