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1.  Matrimony
International | Sacramental Life |
The sacrament of matrimony creates a perpetual and exclusive bond between man and wife.
2.  Holy Orders
International | Sacramental Life |
A sacrament at the service of the community and universal mission of the Church.
3.  Anointing of the Sick
International | Sacramental Life |
Jesus gives new meaning to suffering. When united to his suffering, it can become a means of purification and salvation.
4.  The Eucharist
International | Sacramental Life |
The gift of Christ’s real presence under the appearances of bread and wine.
5.  Reconciliation
International | Sacramental Life |
The sacrament by which the baptized person is reconcilied with God and with the Church.
6.  Confirmation
International | Sacramental Life |
The sacrament that strengthens our baptismal grace and makes us intrepid apostles.
7.  Baptism
International | Sacramental Life |
The foundation of our Christian life.
8.  Sacramental life
International | Sacramental Life |
These are the great means of perseverance in our Christian life.
Showing 1 to 8 from 8


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