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Just what is “communion” in the Movement? (Article)
The Need for Some Soul Searching (Article)
Observing Regnum Christi’s anniversary (Article)
Learning to Lead Souls to Christ (Article)
Texas Conquest Weekend Campout: LIONHEART- Frenstat, February 2015 (Article)

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International | General |
2.  10-Point Progress Report
International | General |
3.  Child and Youth Protection
International | General |
The Legion of Christ’s Safe Environment Policy
4.  Brazil
International | Brazil |
The Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement were established in Brazil in 1985 and have grown at a fast pace since then. They currently have a novitiate, ...
5.  Archbishop de Paolis has broad experience and proven competence in his own religious congregation, in university teaching, and in service to the Holy See. (Photo: L'Osservatore Romano) Papal Delegate to the Legionaries of Christ
Vatican City State (Holy See) | Papal Delegate |
Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, CS is the papal delegate to the Legionaries of Christ.
6.  Education
International | Diocesan Clergy |
7.  Guides pratiques
International | Practical Guides |
8.  Virtue Tips
U. S. A. | Virtue Tips |
Virtue 101 is a series of basic "tips" on how to live and teach our children to live some of the fundamental Christian virtues.
9.  ECYD
| Youth | Works
Experiences, Convictions and your Decisions
10.  Lebanese youth participating in Mission Youth. Lebanon
Libano | News |
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