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1.  Mission Youth missionaires from Detroit area in Haiti The Joy and Simplicity of Haiti
Haiti | Regnum Christi | News
Thirty missionaries from the Detroit metro area go on mission to Port-Au-Prince
2.  Carlos and Lary Journey of Self Discovery
Haiti | Regnum Christi | News
Regnum Christi Mission Corps volunteer learns about himself and the meaning of life while serving in Haiti
3.  RC consecrated woman Jana Crea with one of her Haitian friends Christmas in Haiti
Haiti | News | News
Mission Youth joins Missionaries of Charity to serve the people of Haiti during the holiday season
4.  Fr. Michael Mitchell LC plays soccer with Haitian orphans Taking Christ’s Place
Haiti | News | News
Fr. Michael Mitchell LC, consecrated women and missionaries work among the poorest of the poor in Haiti
5.  Giving the touch of love at the Missionaries of Charity's Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince. The Beatitudes Come to Life
Haiti | Missions | Testimonies
Regnum Christi consecrated woman Paola Treviño on the Mission Youth Trip to Haiti
6.  Mission Youth missionaries with some of the Haitian children in Port-au-Prince. Mission Youth Returns to Haiti
Haiti | Missions | News
After successful missionary trip in 2010, 17 young people return to aid the suffering.
7.  Cecile Martin Houlgatte with two friends Haitian Mission is Life Changing Event
Haiti | Women´s Consecrated Life | News
Mission Youth Group Goes to Aid Those Still Suffering from Earthquake
8.  Eduardo Verastegui with his new friends Young “Actors” Meet Their Inspiration
Haiti | Women´s Consecrated Life | News
Star of the movie Bella has providential meeting with missionaries while serving in Haiti
9.  Two of the orphans at the Kay Mari Manman Tout Timoun orphanage. Finding the Face of God in Haiti
Haiti | Women´s Consecrated Life | News
Paola Treviño, Mission Youth National Director, reports back from her first mission trip to Haiti.
10.  The majority of the refugees at the camp are children. Aid to Haiti Becomes a Reality
Haiti | Christian Charity | News
Donations for Haitian earthquake victims are helping 75 refugees at a Mission Haiti orphanage camp.
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