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11.  Diocesan priests at an international course. Looking for a Way to Help Your Pastor?
International | Diocesan Clergy | News
During this Year for Priests, find out how many excellent tools you have at your fingertips to support your local pastors.
12.  Inaugural Mass presided over by Fr Javier Garcia, LC, the rector of the college. John Paul II Residential College for Priests in Rome
Italy | Diocesan Clergy | News
A new stage for a center at the service of diocesan priests.
13.  Website Reaches Milestone
U. S. A. | Diocesan Clergy | News
Online resource for Catholic priests tops 6,000 registered users
14.  The priest pilgrims at large with Elizabeth Lev on the streets of Rome. Priest Pilgrims Walk in the Footsteps of St. Paul in Rome
U. S. A. | Diocesan Clergy | News
Sacerdos pilgrimage is a life-changing experience for an international group of diocesan priests.
15.  The 86 priests came from 35 countries. A Gift for the Church in the Year for Priests
Italy | Diocesan Clergy | News
Eighty-six priests from 35 countries gathered in Leggiuno, Italy to share in the mission of forming the next generation of priests.
16.  Priests concelebrate the Mass in the grotto of the Annunciation in Nazareth. Renewal Course for Diocesan Priests in Jerusalem
U. S. A. | Diocesan Clergy | News
Upcoming course offers unique opportunities to delve more deeply into the spirituality of the priesthood in the heart of the Holy Land.
17.  A Curso 2008 participant with some new friends from the local parish. Curso de Hispanidad Enriches American Priests and Seminarians
Mexico | Diocesan Clergy | News
The participants reported a new appreciation for Hispanic culture, improved Spanish skills, and valuable pastoral experiences.
18.  The opening Mass was celebrated in the chapel of the Legion’s Center for Higher Studies in Rome. A Warm Welcome for Over 110 Newly Appointed Bishops
Italy | Diocesan Clergy | News
The symposium organized by the Congregation for Bishops was held in the Legion of Christ’s Center for Higher Studies in Rome.
19.  A moment during the concelebration of the Mass. Priestly Formation Seminar Hits the Mark
U. S. A. | Diocesan Clergy | News
The Psychology Serving Pastoral Ministry seminar was co-sponsored by the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS) and the Sacerdos Institute.
20.  The priests participating in the course for seminary formators. 18th International Course for Seminary Formators
Italy | Diocesan Clergy | News
Since 1991, a total of over 1,300 priests from 93 countries and 520 dioceses have participated in this course, which responds to one of the Church’s most urgent needs.
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