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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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11.  Hogar de los Niños City of Joy
Mexico | Youth | News
Charities work together in Mexican city to aid the poor and terminally ill
12.  Jamboree 2012 in Rolling Prairie, Indiana Faith and Fun
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Conquest offers summer camps for boys in several locations across the country
13.  Discover the possibilities of a summer of service. ECYD Mission Corps
International | Youth | News
Volunteer a summer to share your faith with other youth!
14.  ECyD Mentors Course in Madrid, Spain
Spain | Youth | News
15.  Challenge camp in Auckland Summer Camps in New Zealand and Australia
Australia | Youth | News
16.  Hurdles at the March for Life
INTERNACIONAL | Youth | Spirituality
Regnum Christi consecrated Becci Sheptock shares her experiences chaperoning students at the 2012 event in Washington DC
17.  Leadership Internships
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Young men will meet government and business leaders in unique Washington DC experience
18.  Let the Little Ones Come to Me
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Praying the Stations of the Cross with Children
19.  Promoting the Legionary lifestyle at the National Catholic Youth Conference. Legionary and Regnum Christi Presence at National Catholic Youth Conference
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Booths promote Legion of Christ, consecrated life, RC Mission Corps, Mission Youth, and more.
20.  Girls pray in the chapel at the Ancora convention. Color the World:
U. S. A. | Youth | News
Immaculate Conception Academy hosts the 46th Ancora convention
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