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11.  Missionaries and local kids give the thumbs up and "V" for victory sign. A Week in the Life of a Teenage Missionary
Mexico | Missions | Testimonies
An account of the City of Joy mission in Cancun, Mexico.
12.  Br Luke Rawicki, LC, talks with a family during the Door to Door mission. Sharing Their Joy:
U. S. A. | Missions | News
Brothers visit nearly 1,000 homes in Connecticut mission
13.  One of the medical missionaries with a group of children in Ghana. Bearers of Hope and Healing
Ghana | Missions | News
A nurse shares her experience of working with the poorest of the poor on Helping Hands Medical Missions.
14.  Fr Dominic Pham, LC, gives a gesture of tenderness to a little girl sick with meningitis in the Manilia slums. Missions in the Philippines
Philippines | Missions | News
Three groups of missionary youth witness God at work among the Filipino people.
15.  Missionaries in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City during the "sending out" Mass at the start of missions. Around the World in 8 Days
International | Missions | News
Holy Week missionaries share their faith to the far ends of the earth.
16.  Kansas missionaries help run a kids' activity during the missions. A Mission Tradition Has Begun
U. S. A. | Missions | News
Small town Kansas girls meet uptown Atlanta girls for a Holy Week to remember
17.  Children and missionaries together enjoy a game in the school patio. Mission Trip Is “Life-Changing” Experience
International | Missions | News
Clear Water students visit inner-city and orphanages in Santiago, Chile
18.  Hard at work on the elementary school in El Puentecito. Malinalco Missions… Live!
International | Missions | News
YouTube video captures colorful footage from an annual international mission in Mexico.
19.  "In all, through the course of the week, we estimate we greeted 40,000 people from virtually all over the world as well as the parish, found 4,000 Catholics among them who were invited to services, and helped the Holy Spirit bring 400 to 600 of them to the sacrament of reconciliation." Miracles in Real Time
U. S. A. | Missions | News
Mission Youth volunteers kept a play-by-play blog of their mission on the streets of New York.
20.  Phoenix Missionaries Set Out to Serve
U. S. A. | Missions | News
82 Mission Youth volunteers evangelize and serve the poor during Holy Week.
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