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11.  RCMC volunteer Anne Crittenden after the conclusive retreat on the Mount of the Beatitudes. A Unique Home Visit
Israel | RC Mission Corps | News
RC Mission Corps volunteers reflect on their pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
12.  RC Mission Corps volunteers in Rome during their pilgrimage. Regnum Christi Mission Corps for Young Women
International | RC Mission Corps | News
A one to two-year volunteer program, formerly known as the coworker program.
13.  One of the program highlights is the annual trip to Rome and Jerusalem. The RC Mission Corps Makes its Debut
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | News
Formerly known as the “coworker program,” the Regnum Christi Mission Corps mobilizes volunteers for one to three years of full-time service.
14.  "God does not love us because we are great, strong, good, and holy. God loves us simply because of the love he has for us." Letter to Regnum Christi Coworkers
| RC Mission Corps | Spirituality
Fr Álvaro Corcuera, LC, offers practical advice to young volunteers who are giving a year or more of full-time service in Regnum Christi.
15.  The coworker program begins with a preparatory course combining classes, activities, and apostolate. Over 180 Young Women Give a Year as Coworkers
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | News
The Regnum Christi Coworker Program summer course launches young women into a year of service and spiritual growth.
16.  Jackie Nenninger with two 7th grade students from Woodlands Academy. “Just Say Yes Today.”
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
Being a coworker was the best choice I could have made.
17.  During a trip to Avila as part of his coworker year program. The Promise
| RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
Enrique Samson´s journey from a life of adrenaline to two years of service as a coworker.
18.  Coworkers Anaïs Doat and Ana Paula Garza opened the first coworker center in Brussels, Belgium. Young Women Coworkers Start New Foundations in Belgium and Ivory Coast
| RC Mission Corps | News
Where God sows, the work begins. This is the story of two foundations carried out by young women who gave a year of their lives as coworkers.
19.  “Colleen, Open Your Heart”
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
A future Regnum Christi coworker shares her motivations for deciding to give a year.
20.  Katie Torvinen was a co-worker during the 2007-2008 year. From Rome to Jerusalem: A Co-worker’s Pilgrimage with Christ
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
Co-worker Katie Torvinen reflects on the crowning grace of her co-worker year: the pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem.
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