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Spiritual-Espresso: A Broadway Premier (Article)
6 Months of the Renewal of Regnum Christi equips members for the Path Ahead (Article)
Reflections on the mission of the lay members of Regnum Christi (Article)
Eyes of Faith (Article)
Faith Leads Us to the Fullness of Love: (Article)

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11.  Considerations for Lent
U. S. A. | General | News
Second installment on the types of “silence” to “pick up” during this Lenten season
International | General |
13.  Upcoming Women´s Activities
U. S. A. | General | News
14.  Upcoming Men´s Activities
U. S. A. | General | News
A listing of spiritual exercises across the US and Canada for 2012.
15.  10-Point Progress Report
International | General |
16.  Child and Youth Protection
International | General |
The Legion of Christ’s Safe Environment Policy
17.  The basketball match resulted in a 51-30 Legionary victory. Legionaries of Christ 2, Pontifical North American College 1
Italy | General | News
Sports competition and picnic day brings two colleges together.
18.  Two new books from Circle Press to help you live a more spiritual Lent. Live Lent from the Inside
U. S. A. | General | News
Circle Press offers two practical guides to help you make the most of the Lenten season.
19.  Boys Need… to Witness a Strong Marriage
U. S. A. | General | News
Part 1 in a mini-video series from Fr Michael Sliney, LC, on raising boys.
20.  Fr Joseph Tham and Fr Mattias Kim stand before the Hong Kong skyline. Legionaries Visit Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong | General | News
The trip was the Legion´s first pastoral contact with the Chinese culture.
Showing 11 to 20 from 20
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