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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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11.  Elizabeth Matthews with her infant son Brendan in her arms. Today, Brendan is a Legionary religious. The Angels´ Nudge
U. S. A. | Testimonies | News
By following a moment’s inspiration, a mother saved her baby’s life.
12.  The King´s Fingerprints
International | Testimonies | News
Glimpses of God´s action in the lives of Regnum Christi members.
13.  Dave and Tima Borges with their sons Donovan and Evan. Restoring Openness to Life
U. S. A. | Testimonies | News
Learning the truth about contraception set the Borges family on a radically new path.
14.  Rhonda and Larry Jones Bridging the Divide
U. S. A. | Testimonies | News
Rhonda Jones’ journey from Judaism to Catholicism was not without a few surprises.
15.  Clare (center, in light green) with some fellow ECYD coworkers. “Christ wanted me to be here.”
U. S. A. | Testimonies | Testimonies
Michigan coworker’s experience was “best summer” of her life.
16.  Lieutenant Michael Lambert on leave after the fighting in Vietnam. A Mother’s Touch
U. S. A. | Testimonies | News
A Marine’s experience of Mary in the midst of war.
17.  Sophia Foley with one of her sons. Zen Buddhism Meets Catholicism
U. S. A. | Testimonies | News
How the sign of the cross set a life on a new course.
18.  The Turner family. Something Beautiful Was Happening Here
U. S. A. | Testimonies | News
Annemarie Turner on why she joined Regnum Christi in a time of transition.
19.  David Flanagan in his first and only day of life on Earth. Grace Born from Sorrow
U. S. A. | Testimonies | News
How a newborn baby brought his godfather closer to God.
20.  The mothers and daughters in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Mother and Daughters on Regnum Christi Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Israel | Testimonies | News
Molly Rawicki, a daughter, reports back on her experience.
Mostrando del 11 al 20 de 20
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