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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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11.  How Firm a Foundation
U. S. A. | Women´s Consecrated Life | On the Media
Catholicism as the pillar of Western culture and civilization throughout the centuries
12.  One of the discoveries on the archeological dig was this piece dubbed the Magdala Stone A New Holy Site in the Holy Land
U. S. A. | In the Mass Media | On the Media
Initiator of the Magdala Project gives update on discoveries, plans
13.  Velasio de Paolis
U. S. A. | News | On the Media
I come to bring the Legion out of the tunnel, says the Pontifical Delegate for the Legion of Christ
14.  thebrothersinblack
U. S. A. | In the Mass Media | On the Media
Legion of Christ seminarians engage YouTube viewers with “Just Fun Gospel”
15.  This carved stone found at Magdala is one of the oldest engravings of a menorah to be discovered, dating to before 67 C.E. Legionary Priest Featured in Jewish Publication
International | Mass Media | On the Media
Fr. Eamon Kelly talks about Magdala Project at philosophy and theology school in Berkley
16.  Fr Charles Sikorsky, LC, presents Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters to Dr. F. Russell Hittinger in 2009. A New Era for Catholic Psychologists
U. S. A. | Education | On the Media
With Fr. Sikorsky’s help, IPS graduates effect cultural change.
17.  On May 9, Ann Gleason Stevens of St. Catherine of Siena Parish will receive the Regina Matrum Award, symbolic of outstanding Catholic motherhood in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Stevens is the mother of seven and has advocated for the unborn for years. Regnum Christi Member Wins Archdiocesan Pro-Life Award
U. S. A. | Cultural Action | On the Media
Ann Stevens received the New Orleans Regina Matrum award for her courageous work for women and the unborn.
18.  The article also includes a video of Pure Fashion members talking about what the modesty movement means to them. Pure Fashion Makes USA Today Headlines
U. S. A. | Women | On the Media
As a shrinking economy makes way for more moderate styles, Pure Fashion is a voice for modesty.
19.  “The Holy Spirit invites us to turn all of the events of our life… into personal repentance and following of Christ.” Father Groeschel to the Legion of Christ
| General | On the Media
"This Is Not the Legion of Anybody Except of Christ"
20.  "This World Meeting of Families has been like a Pentecost, where we have asked the Holy Spirit to transform us." Father Alvaro Corcuera, LC, Reflects on World Meeting of Families
| General Director | On the Media
An interview with Zenit sheds light on the challenges and opportunities facing families today.
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