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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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21.  Fr. Dominic Farrell LC A blessed accident
Fr. Dominic Farrell LC
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | Testimonies-Laypeople
Fr Dominic Farrell LC comes from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He entered the Legionaries of Christ in 1992 and has spent his preparation for the priesthood in Ireland, ...
22.  Dave and Carol Fisher with their son Br Nicholas Fisher LC Central New York Family Builds Media Apostolate
U. S. A. | Family | Testimonies-Laypeople
Music & radio programs spread God´s word
23.  Matthew Reinhardt Losing the Rose Bowl, Winning God
U. S. A. | Men´s Consecrated Life | Testimonies-Laypeople
What I have learned over the last few years is that I have left nothing and received everything.
24.  Father Octavio Ortiz de Montellanos, LC, with his parents. For Them
| Family | Testimonies-Laypeople
A poem from a Legionary priest to his parents.
25.  Carta de agradecimiento por las misiones
Mexico | Evangelization | Testimonies-Missions
Ofrecemos a continuación una carta recibida de una de las comunidades visitadas por Familia Misionera durante esta Semana Santa.
26.  "Everything Suddenly Became Simple and Clear"
| Regnum Christi | Testimonies-Laypeople
I wanted to offer my life so that others would have the joy of seeing God face to face in Heaven.
27.  Father Klaus Einsle, LC, is currently directing youth groups throughout Germany. There I Found Peace, Happiness and God
| Regnum Christi | Testimonies-Laypeople
Father Klaus Einsle, LC, shares his experiences drawing closer to Christ.
28.  Father José Ignacio Martín, LC, on the day of his ordination in Rome December 22, 2001. The Music that You Hear on the Inside
| Regnum Christi | Testimonies-Laypeople
God wanted me to listen to a song with a refrain that said: "come and follow me."
29.  Brother William Webster, nLC Your Kingdom Come!
| Regnum Christi | Testimonies-Laypeople
Yes, truly the month of work is a time in my priestly formation when I have learned how to say, "Offer it up!"
30.  Father Ramon Loyola, LC Click Here to Choose the Title
| Regnum Christi | Testimonies-Laypeople
Christ has done great things in me. Like Mary I also want to say Fiat for the rest of my life.
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