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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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31.  "I would not have had the courage without the gift of faith that I received through the Legionaries." Abandoning My Future to Christ:
Canada | Testimonies | Testimonies
Young man shares his testimony about his experience in the Canadian Conquest summer camps
32.  "Nothing happens by chance. And much less, a gift like this." Anita, Two Months Later
International | Testimonies | Testimonies
“When she was born, the pediatrician told me Anita should be kept in observation because she had DOWN Syndrome.”
33.  Missionaries and local kids give the thumbs up and "V" for victory sign. A Week in the Life of a Teenage Missionary
Mexico | Missions | Testimonies
An account of the City of Joy mission in Cancun, Mexico.
34.  Tim Moots A Crash Course in Humanity
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
A former RC Mission Corps volunteer reflects back on what he learned during a year that was “a wild mixture of the maniac and the mature.”
35.  Br Garzari, LC, bearing the processional cross. My Experience as an Acolyte for the Pope
Italy | News | Testimonies
Br. Riccardo Garzari, LC, shares the experience of serving in the Easter Vigil Mass with Pope Benedict XVI.
36.  The Pope's arrival to Padua was greeted by a sizeable crowd. Venice, Padua, and the Pope
Italy | Testimonies | Testimonies
A Legionary’s account of a trip across Italy to assist in the Papal Mass in Padua.
37.  Mission Corps volunteers at the Sea of Galilee. An Adventure to Be Taken, A Message to Be Heard
Israel | RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
Mission Corps volunteer Javier Callejas recalls some memorable moments from his trip to the Holy Land.
38.  Nathan Stein Two Years That Made a Mark
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
One year later, former coworker Nathan Stein assesses the impact of his two years of service in the RC Mission Corps.
39.  Giving the touch of love at the Missionaries of Charity's Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince. The Beatitudes Come to Life
Haiti | Missions | Testimonies
Regnum Christi consecrated woman Paola Treviño on the Mission Youth Trip to Haiti
40.  Fr Owen Kearns, LC Called for These Times
International | Testimonies | Testimonies
Fr Owen Kearns, LC, reaches back to the origins of his vocation as the sure foundation for his future in the Legion.
Mostrando del 31 al 40 de 252
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