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Turn to Jesus (Article)

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1.  Ioannes PP. XXIII The Legion of Christ and Blessed John XXIII
International | In the Church |
2.  In the Church
International | In the Church |
Regnum Christi’s only raison d’être is to be in the Church, for the Church, and for the sake of the Church’s supernatural and human mission.
3.  Testimonies
International | Testimonies |
Regnum Christi is a path for growing in holiness in the Church and at the service of the Church.
4.  The Way, the Truth and the Life Spirituality
International | Spirituality |
Main Lines of the Spirituality of Regnum Christi
5.  Regnum Christi is one of the new ecclesial movements. In Pentecost 1998, a large number of members met with Pope John Paul II and the other movements in Rome. History
International | History |
The Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi: History of their shared charism and service to the Church.
6.  Mission
International | Mission |
Mission of Regnum Christi
7.  What is Regnum Christi?
International | General |
8.  Mass Media
International | Mass Media |
Regnum Christ’s outreach in the mass media is growing day by day. Catch a glimpse of recent steps in a field of transcendent importance for the Church’s work of evangelization.
9.  Weekly Meditations
U. S. A. | Meditation |
Meditations of the week
10.  Links
International | Youth |
Links of apostolates about this topic
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