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41.  Gathering under the watchful eye of St. John Paul II A Step on the Road to Manhood
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Sports Tournament in Michigan honors newly named saint, John Paul II
42.  Fr. Brian Coe LC (top left) and other Legionaries in Rome. Pure Water to Refresh My Soul
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
A Brazilian woman shares her story of meeting a Legionary priest among the crowd in Rome
43.  An image from the website about the consecrated women of Regnum Christi. Come and See
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
The Regnum Christi consecrated women extend this invitation to young women discerning a religious vocation to consecrated life with the Movement
44.  Mark Your Calendars
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
CatholicTV has Retreat Guide on its broadcast schedule this month
45.  A missionary shares a little joy with a child from a local village in Nicaragua. They “Came Not To Be Served,” But It Happened Anyway
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Br. David Barton LC shares the experience of missionaries from San Jose to Nicaragua
46.  Atlanta Pilgrimage to Rome
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Group of RC pilgrims report on their experience during canonizations
47.  Fr. Jason Smith leads a meditation using “The Denial of St Peter” by Caravaggio. Gospel in Art
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Legionaries of Christ evangelize in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
48.  Regnum Christi consecrated women who recently participated in a spiritual direction certification course through the RC Spirituality Center. A Sense of Wonder!
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Sharing the experience of certification in RC Spiritual Direction
49.  The Gift of Vocation
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Leadership of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi address letter to the movement on the occasion of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations
50.  Called to Something More
| Regnum Christi | News
As the Church prays for vocations this weekend, the Legion launches new vocation website and much more
Showing 41 to 50 from 2137
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