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Snapshots from the Renewal (Article)
New Book Introduces Children to Jorge Bergolio, the Boy who Would Become Pope (Article)
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53 Seminarians Pray in 25 Different Churches of Rome… in one Day (Article)
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41.  Vows versus Promises
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Director Nancy Nohrden discusses terminology change in the evangelical counsels taken by the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi
42.  Building Catholic Leaders
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Improvements at Camp River Ridge in Oldenburg, Indiana, help make “ideal setting” to host “life-changing” events
43.  Family Pilgrimage to Rome for Christmas Break
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
“Leadership” and “Feminine Beauty in the Arts” are the focus of this joint Mother/Daughter and Father/Son trip
44.  Catholic Anthropology and Psychological Practice
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Catholic Psychotherapy Association and IPS to host national conference in Arlington, Virginia next month
45.  The Examen Prayer for Teens – Part 1
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Br. Lucio Boccacci LC discusses how to guide a prayerful examination of conscience with teenagers
46.  The Vatican Cricket Team Begins “Light of Faith” Tour
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Fr. Eamonn O’Higgins LC and Br. Sameer Advani LC are traveling with the team this week for an exhibition match and ecumenical encounter with the Anglicans in Britain
47.  Fall JOY
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
The most recent edition of the JOY of Catholic Living Magazine is now online
48.  The Everest Collegiate website announces the good news. The 2014 Catholic High School Honor Roll
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Pinecrest Academy, Everest Collegiate and The Highlands School listed by the Cardinal Newman Society as Catholic Schools of Excellence
49.  Contemplating Mary at the Foot of the Cross
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Fr. Eduardo Robles-Gil LC sends letter to Regnum Christi members and Legion of Christ on occasion of the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
50.  Know the Tree by Its Fruits
| Meditation | News
September 13, 2014. Memorial of Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
Showing 41 to 50 from 2232
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