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101.  Ready to roll!  ECYD Mission Corps volunteers at the center in Ireland. Eleven Girls Who Gave Their Summer to Serve
Ireland | Youth | Testimonies
Samantha Cox tells the story of her summer as an ECYD volunteer in Ireland.
102.  Jackie Nenninger with two 7th grade students from Woodlands Academy. “Just Say Yes Today.”
U. S. A. | RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
Being a coworker was the best choice I could have made.
103.  Mary Houser is in her third year of formation and is studying for a B.A. in religious and pastoral studies at Mater Ecclesiae College. Decisions Made Easy
U. S. A. | Women´s Consecrated Life | Testimonies
Mary Houser tells the story of how she embraced her vocation to the consecrated life in Regnum Christi.
104.  During a trip to Avila as part of his coworker year program. The Promise
| RC Mission Corps | Testimonies
Enrique Samson´s journey from a life of adrenaline to two years of service as a coworker.
105.  Jocelyn Christianson is in her third year of formation and is studying for a B.A. in Religious and Pastoral Studies at Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, RI. Stars or Fireworks?
U. S. A. | Testimonies | Testimonies
A vocation story by Jocelyn Christianson.
106.  Elise was diagnosed with cancer at age 11. Divine Mercy Shines through a Child’s Cancer
U. S. A. | Family | Testimonies
For 101 days, a little girl knew that God was calling her home.
107.  From left to right: Tim and Mollie Daily with Sarah and Kelly Luttinen. Memories of the 2009 March for Life
| Testimonies | Testimonies
My daughter and I attended the Annual Event in Washington DC.
108.  “I realized how I needed to change to be a better wife and mother. I began to truly embrace my faith. As this love affair with Christ unfolded, I began to live in hope." The Miracle of Recovered Love
U. S. A. | Family | Testimonies
How God used Familia to heal a wounded marriage and bring new life into the world.
109.  The Sánchez Aedo Arellano family Welcoming Our Baby with Genetic Deformations
| News | Testimonies
The Sánchez Aedo Arellano family, members of Regnum Christi, tell the story of how faith has helped them to see God’s provident plan in their lives.
110.  Fr. Luis Alberto Henao Arbeláez , LC When God Crosses Your Path
International | Regnum Christi | Testimonies
Father Luis Alberto Henao Arbeláez, L.C. (Colombia)
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