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Touching the Lord (Article)

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201.  Katie Day Young Regnum Christi Member Stands Out for Service
U. S. A. | Youth | Testimonies
South Bend Tribune Article Highlights Katie Day
202.  Dr. Christina Lynch Living Life as a “Fiat” to the Lord
U. S. A. | Education | Testimonies
IPS Alumna Dr. Christina Lynch Finds Her Mission
203.  Jon and Cindy Morris with Juan and Lucia Arroyo. Listening to Restlessness and Taking a Risk
U. S. A. | Evangelization | Testimonies
Jon and Cindy Morris Found Catholic Family Mission
204.  The Hawbaker Family takes to the streets. Touching Reflections of a First-time Missionary Family
U. S. A. | Family | Testimonies
Elizabeth Hawbaker Reflects on Her Holy Week as a Missionary
205.  Karen Sester meeting Cardinal Rodé. Discovering True Leadership
U. S. A. | Family | Testimonies
When we said goodbye to the cardinal, he held our hands and looked deeply into our eyes, saying, "Keep working..."
206.  The author took this picture in July of 2006 during a game of mini-golf with Mari Carmen at Niagara Falls. She transmitted God to anyone she met.
U. S. A. | Women´s Consecrated Life | Testimonies
A testimony about Mari Carmen Perochena (1948-2007)
207.  A Woman in Love
U. S. A. | Women´s Consecrated Life | News
Cassandra Wolfe, a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi, shares her memories of Mari Carmen Perochena who had a big share in her own vocation.
208.  Father Jason Brooks" vocation story had a profound impact on Harry Begg. The Faith of a Hurricane
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | Testimonies
Blinding Faith: How one religious vocation enlightened another
209.  Annie Hofstetter (first one on the right) and her Challenge Team with Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis. Archbishop Burke receives Challenge Team
U. S. A. | Youth | Testimonies
A member of the St. Louis Challenge Club shares her experience of their visit.
210.  Crosby Carrying the Cross for Pope’s Easter Vigil
U. S. A. | Diocesan Clergy | Testimonies
Legionary seminarian Br Kyle Crosby was the acolyte chosen to carry the cross leading the procession during the Easter 2007 Vigil at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.
Showing 201 to 210 from 258
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