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New Territorial Director for North America (Article)
A MAP for North America (Article)
The Quest for the Core (Article)
The Tomb and the Pearl (Article)
Bible “Boot Camp” in Houston (Article)

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(Photo by Ali Jarekji, Reuters via CNS) Iraqi Christians like this boy fled to neighboring Jordan in recent years. IPS is partnering with seminarians in Iraq to better serve their Catholic community.
Help for Iraqi seminarians
IPS trains prospective priests
For I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Food
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Conquest members from California help Missionaries of Charity to feed the poor in San Francisco
More than 100 fathers and their sons participated in Camp Argyle. Camp Argyle in Dallas
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
More than 100 dads and their sons enjoy the second annual event
The Tomb and the Pearl
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
The RC Spirituality Center releases a Retreat Guide for Easter
Nicaise Abedji was admitted to the seminary on December 3, 2013 as a member of Regnum Christi. Regnum Christi in the Ivory Coast
Cote Divoire | Regnum Christi | News
Seminarian Nicaise Abedji promotes the movement while studying for the priesthood
New Territorial Director for North America
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Fr. John Connor LC to head Legion’s North American Territory
The Quest for the Core
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
A summary review of the new book by Fr. Patrick Langan LC and Fr. Owen Kearns LC
Fr. Nathaniel Haslam LC and Fr. Shawn Aaron LC (back row, L to R) with the Lumen members at "Bible Boot Camp" in Houston. Bible “Boot Camp” in Houston
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Lumen members gather to grow in understanding of sacred Scripture
A MAP for North America
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
Territorial Directors issue updated Mission Action Plan for Regnum Christi to better serve the Church
Holy Week Mercy Missions
U. S. A. | Regnum Christi | News
It is not too late to get involved with local Mission Youth activities in your area
Papal Delegate
The light and strength of the Holy Spirit
Christ is with you in the journey that awaits you, giving you hope for your future.
Christian Charity
100 Voices, 10 Hopes, One Christmas Story
Men on a Mission
Cultural Action
A sign of institutional solidity and maturity
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way
Diocesan Clergy
Adopt a Bishop
Twenty Days in the Holy Land
From Tiny Beginnings
Oak in Korea
Missionaries at Home
Children Welcome the Christ Child
Marriage Renewal Retreat
City of Joy
Mass Media
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Digital Book is a Hit
A Different Kind of Day with Dad
A Haitian Epiphany
Heart of Mary, Hands of Martha
City of Joy
A Strong Year Ahead
A Competition Like No Other
Growing Up Together
Opening Spaces for Two-way Communication
Magisterium of the Church
A Child, in All Its Weakness, Is Mighty God
Archbishop Timothy Dolan on Today’s Pastoral Challenge
The Moment
Lead Me Lord!

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