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Music is the most spiritual of the arts, and also the most versatile. No less versatile is the musical gift of the consecrated women of Regnum Christi.
These audio CDs make great gifts all year round, offering everything from traditional church hymns to original compositions with outstanding vocals and a professional, polished studio sound.

Emmanuel - God with us - A collection of christmas songs
Emmanuel, God with Us
A collection of Christmas songs. We hope you can also find a deeper and more personal meaning of God’s love in Christmas through this music.
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Discovering God´s Love for You
Discovering God´s Love for You
An inspiring selection of songs to be the perfect accompaniment for meditating on the Stations of the Cross and God´s love for each of us
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Nothing More Real
This CD may catch many by surprise, for it is genuinely fun, from the cover art to the lyrics, the beat to the vocals. Songs drawn from Life… Yet Nothing More Real does not sacrifice inspiration for enjoyment. The songs speak to experiences common to us all: the desire for something more, the question, “is it worth it?”, the battle to get up once we’ve fallen, the difficulty of feeling God is far away, the struggle to understand his plans, and many others. These songs are fruit of personal prayer, which we want to share with you hoping you can also find God’s light and loving gaze in every one of your life’s little battles.
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Strength from Heaven
“Strength from Heaven” features a collection of 14 songs inspired by the psalms, plus 6 bonus instrumental tracks. These inspirational and contemplative songs draw from the richness of Scripture as a source of strength from heaven, expressing the many desires and sufferings of the human heart at prayer: joy, confidence, gratitude, praise, petition and consolation.
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Holding On
When life gets hard, we immediately want to find something or someone secure to hold onto. But Christ comes to meet us in the midst of our darkness. We can hold on Him and find strength to say “yes” again... Download
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I Can Love You Still
Born from a heart that has learnt how to suffer, these original songs can give hope and meaning to those who suffer. Download
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And the Word Became Flesh
is a CD of Christmas songs including O Holy Night, One Small Child and Silent Night. This CD is the perfect way to prepare for the special season of Christmas. $15.00
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Behold Your Mother
is a two-part Marian CD set. One CD is full of songs dedicated to Mary while the other is a recorded rosary led by the consecrated women— perfect for busy people who are looking for a way to boost their devotion to our Lady. $15.00
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Cast the Nets
Cast the Nets offers another collection of Christian pop songs, including the energetic title track, Cast the Nets, originally a Youth & Family Encounter theme song in 2003. $15.00 Download
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Life in Christ
A Celebration of the Faith of St. Paul: the consecrated women of Regnum Christi celebrate the faith of St. Paul which brought the love of Christ to countless hearts, on this new CD. $15.00
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In His Presence
A CD of chapel songs, from Latin hymns to more contemporary songs. This CD was recorded in the consecrated women’s chapel in Greenville, Rhode Island, with all of the harmonies that make their Masses so rich and uplifting. $15.00
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Making All Things New
For those who are also looking for original Christian music with a mix of fast and slow songs both playful and serious, try Making All Things New. All of the professionally produced songs are original compositions by the consecrated women. $15.00
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