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Bringing Christ to Others

One of Regnum Christi’s apostolic goals is to work in a proactive and creative way, anticipating needs before it is too late to solve them. In the field of missionary work and evangelization, this often means finding the window of opportunity to introduce souls to Christ while they are still open to knowing him.

Each soul has his or her moment of grace. Some discover Christ after a lifetime spent searching and wandering, like St. Augustine. Others grow up in the heart of strong, faith-filled families. Whatever the path may be, our goal is to help souls to encounter Christ in a personal way and guide them along the path of holiness he calls them to.

We choose to work especially with the youth so that their friendship with Christ will give them the inner strength to face the challenges that await them in life as the future of society and the Church. Our work with the youth has also been an occasion for entire families to come to a deeper knowledge and acceptance of their Catholic faith. When a family is strong in the faith, it is easier for vocations to the priesthood and to the consecrated or religious life to flower in the home. This is a great gift for the Church, a gift that lasts for all eternity.

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